Making knives

If you are new to making knives, or just considering the idea, there are a few things you need to know before getting started. Did you know that there are names for each art of a knife, other than the blade and handle? The first knife that is recommended to make, would be a small knife.

Safety is going to be the first step in learning to make a knife. You need to use masking tape to wrap the sharp blade. It is more likely that a new knife maker gets cut over a pro, so taking every chance to avoid harm is ideal.

Other safety measures include safety gear like gloves and glasses.

Bolster/Guard – Cross member connected to handle end.

Finger grips – Grooves in the handle to fit hand

Pins/Rivet – Hardware used for joining handles to tang

Pommel/Butt Plate – Piece applied to back or end of handle

Slab/Scale –Slabs are material that create the handle, riveted or pinned to tang.

Tang – Extended piece of blade that goes into handle

Spacers – Material used between slabs.

Back – Also called the ‘top’ of the blade

Point or Tip – Sharp part of the blade end

Cutting Edge – Part of blade that cuts

Blade – Another part of blade that cuts

Hallow Grind – hollowed part of blade, cuts easier, but weaker and may be referred to as concave bevel.

Ricasso – flat section not part of main bevel grind, just before guard.

Shank – The name of the full piece of metal from tang to blade.