Schrade SCH2 Extreme

There are knives, then there is the Schrade SCH2 Extreme, which is a hollowed style design built to withstand extreme situations as the name implies. When you need a trusted knife, the reliability and utility of this one is top notch.

The knife is a total of 12.7 inches in length, with the blade measuring in at 7.5 inches, which is larger than average for a survival knife. The design has a double sided finger guard or extra safety and the blade side has jimpings to make sure your hand does not slip and accidently get cut.

For the knife, a single slab of SAE-1070 High Carbon Steel was used. This is one of the better material options for creating knifes expected to endure heavy use and extreme situations. However, it is import to properly care for carbon steel to make sure it lasts longer.

With a hallowed out handle, it is equipped with a screw driver multi-tool located in the handle. If needed, the handle can be used for storing other small items, such as tools or fish bait. This can be helpful depending on your use.

Also, the Schrade SCHF2 comes with a sheath made from Ballistic Nylon. If you are one of the many who do not like nylon sheaths, because of their poor ability to do the job of a sheath, there is the option of having a leather sheath created especially for you.