Survival backpack for a zombie apocalypse

You are lying in bed late at night and you happen to hear a growling sound from outside. You just think it may be your stomach from that amazing food that you had for dinner. Then something hits the outside of your house, and you realize that something is wrong. You peak out of the window only to see hordes of the undead making their way to your house. What do you need? What are you going to do? All the ones you loved and were close to have turned into flesh eating zombies that are now hungering for the taste of your flesh.

The only thing to do is grab your zombie bag and make a break for it

Truth is, this may actually happen someday, but as of now nothing has happened. So, the Walking Dead airs and everyone has a fascination with the undead. Now there is a chance to own your own Zombie survival backpack.  For a great guide on what makes a great survival backpack check out – The Epic Guide to Survival Backpacks. This time the product can be used with or without the apocalypse at hand.

This is a unique backpack that isn’t just a bag full of stuff. It is actually a tent and it comes with a machete as well as other types of survival gear. It is basically a grab it and go type of backpack. It is the Zombie Apocalypse Backpack from High Peak and TentPak. This is a bag that is ready to be used for avid campers and even those who are all about prepping for dooms day.

This is an all in one bag that will let you elude and even escape those pesky walking flesh eaters that tend to shuffle around looking for a piece of fresh meat. Now this bag is a bit to carry as the basic model weighs around 15 pounds with just the basic tent and survival equipment.

Now we did mention that this backpack has a tent inside right? Yep. What is even more weird is that it isn’t a single sleeper tent. It is a 2-man tent that comes from the pack body to be placed quickly and taken down just as fast. I have found that this tent and bag works great if you are hiking or trekking across the country as you don’t have to worry about paying for a hotel room or in the case of the zombie apocalypse, no worries about finding a zombie in the place that you are trying to sleep in.

The pack also comes with 4 blades, my favorite being the Gerber machete. There is also a fire starter kit and even some first aid supplies.


This bag is has just now hit the shelves and it isn’t really cheap either. This bag begins at about $500 and the price just keeps going up depending on the size of the bag and the gear inside. Overall, this is a great bag and for the price, you are going to get something that many people do not have, a tent that you can wear.

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