The 5 Best Gun Mods For The Zombie Apocalypse

Guns are gold during a zombie apocalypse. Unmodified guns are good, but modified guns are even better. More accurate, more reliable, more versatile. If you’re preparing for the apocalypse (like me) I would suggest you modify your gun while the internet is still up and running.

Anyways, here are The 5 Best Gun Mods For The Zombie Apocalypse

1) Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope

Proper aiming  for your rifle is mandatory in a zombie apocalypse. You want the luxury of being able to look down a red dot instead of measly iron sights. The better you aim, the more ammo you’ll save. Invest in a quality red dot sight, like this Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope. It has a red or green dot option. Unlimited eye relief for quick zombie acquisition. It’s also inexpensive and extremely high quality. I personally have one my zombie killing rifle. Highly recommend it.

2) Picatinny Quad Rail Hand guards

Quad rail hand guards are absolutely mandatory during a zombie apocalypse. You need to be able to mount all of your mods and accessories to your gun. With a picatinny quad rail hand guard, you can. Anything from lasers to foregrips. These hand guards got you covered.

3) Grip-Pod Original – Military Polymer Coated Steel Bipod

The good ole’ Grip-Pod. This special Grip-Pod is developed for military use. Meaning it will work great for a zombie apocalypse.  Imagine this, you’re on top of a flat roof, with your gun of course, and you see a swarm of zombies coming your way. Your first instinct would be to drop to the ground, since your on a roof and don’t want the zombies to see you. With this Grip-Pod, you can easily provide weapon balance and target acquisition in any position.

4) Streamlight Game Spotter with Remote

Lighting is extremely important in any situation. Whether it be a zombie apocalypse or not, in any survival situation, you need light. This Streamlight is one of the best light attachments you could buy for your gun. Leaving you gun without a light is like brushing your teeth without toothpaste, useless. Be prepared for any situation!

5) Instapark Weaver Mount Green Laser

Last but not least, the green laser with weaver mount. This green laser is a direct attachment to your picatinny/weaver rail you have for your gun. The green laser will make everything easier when it comes to aiming your gun. You won’t even have to look down your sights. Just look to see where the laser is. Green lasers are also WAY more visible at night than red lasers. They are superior in many ways.

That’s it guys, The 5 Best Gun Mods For The Zombie Apocalypse . Hope you buy ALL of these gun mods (or at least one of them), because your not going to have any internet when the zombie apocalypse rolls around. Order these today! Don’t say I didn’t warn you